Jeffrey J.  Merrick is an experienced attorney who specializes in the defense of California drug, alcohol and mental health-related criminal cases.  Known for his expertise in alternative sentencing, he is also a well-respected member of the national addiction professionals and recovery communities.  Mr. Merrick’s clients always get the best defense and the second chance we all deserve.

Mr. Merrick is also a professional interventionist, helping families and friends reach a loved one who is unwilling or unable to get the help they need on their own.  Intervention is breakthrough work, a process with many moving parts.  There cannot be successful intervention without love and compassion.   It is, after all, the ultimate expression of a family member and friend’s love.

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  • I have the privilege of working alongside Jeffrey Merrick in the courtroom and in the many homes we visit as we bring people to change.  Jeffrey is the consummate compassionate professional ever-present to client needs, sensitive yet firm. An expert in alternative sentencing and other legal matters, he is equally adept at working with multi-problem families beset with mental health, substance abuse and other problems in living. As a teammate I always know I am supported in the difficult and invigorating work we do together.  In sum I am honored to work with Jeffrey and call him my colleague. He is one of the best in our field.

    Dr. Louise Stanger Ed.D, LCSW, BRI II, CIP
    Director, All About Interventions
  • I have worked with Jeff Merrick on a few matters and have always found him to be the ultimate professional interventionist.  His skills are made even more effective because of his compassion and commitment to his clients.  Jeff brings years of experience and expertise to the table, and is also a genuinely concerned, caring individual who miraculously always seems to be able to be there when needed.  His huge success appears effortless, but is clearly a result of extreme dedication and skills.

    Edward C. Stark, Esq.
    Attorney At Law / Professor of Law Cron, Israels & Stark Santa Monica, Califormia
  • I met and worked Jeff Merrick several years ago and immediately could see he had a great passion for his work.  His ability to connect with and guide families in tough times was impressive.  Jeff is armed with a very unique set of skills and continues to perfect merging them. His legal background with his family work and his intervention skills are what makes what he does so special.

    Jeff’s work does not end when he drops off a client, actually it has just begun.  He follows-up on the client and when possible will show up to support and assist if a client needs it.  It’s a pleasure knowing Jeff personally as well as working with him professionally.

    Manny Rodriguez
    Director, La Fuente
  • I’ve been fortunate to have worked with Jeff on several occassions and usually the more difficult cases.  What makes Jeff so effective is his breadth of experience. As an interventionist and lawyer with years of his own personal recovery, Jeff is uniquely qualified to handle any and all aspects of the intervention process.  Jeff is very compassionate and works equally well with clients and their families.  With a very large network of substance abuse and mental health professionals Jeff is able to ensure that the best possible treatment is available.  I highly recommend you give Jeff a call.


    Jerry Rude
    Director, LAT's Intensive Ouptatient Programs Los Angeles, California
  • I have known Jeffrey Merrick for the past 6 years on a professional and personal level. I have partnered with him on multiple cases and he is always my first call when it comes to advocating for my clients with the courts. He navigates the legal system with deftness and ease, guiding the families with whom we have worked into long term solution. Whenever I think of Jeffrey, I think of a man who is caring, fair, ethical and does whatever he can to help the families he works with move past the problem and into the solution. There are few people that I will summarily recommend, but Jeffrey is one of them.

    Sean Firtel, RAS, CIP
    Interventionist, Continuum Care Intervention Services CEO & Founder, West Coast Recovery Centers Oceanside, California
  • Jeff Merrick provides a unique combination of expertise and skills to clients facing and professionals treating substance use and mental health disorders. Being a seasoned criminal defense attorney and alternative sentencing specialist allows Jeff to partner with the Courts, bridging clients out of the criminal justice system and into necessary treatment.  From extensive training and practice of intervention, Jeff understands and provides for the motivational and social needs of his clients and their families. Add to this Jeff’s personal and professional commitment to recovery and you will find a professional uniquely prepared to help clients and families facing the most difficult situations.

    David Lisonbee
    David Lisonbee CEO & President, Twin Town Treatment Centers Southern California
Jeffrey J. Merrick

 A professional interventionist and criminal defense attorney in Hollywood, California.    He is a graduate cum laude of the University of San Diego School of Law, a practicing member of the California Bar since 1990 and a former trial lawyer for a national law firm.   His undergraduate degree was with honors in Psychology and Literature & Writing from the University of California at San Diego.   Jeffrey specializes in the defense of mental health, drug and alcohol-related cases.  His expertise is in care advocacy and alternative sentencing through the courts.

Jeffrey has several years of in-house counsel and treatment and intervention planning experience for national recovery programs.   He is a member of NII,  the Network of Independent Interventionists, which means he is not affiliated with any treatment program.   This maintains the professional autonomy and distance required to recommend only those treatment programs that are best suited to the client’s and family’s needs.  Read More.


Jeffrey Merrick has been practicing law in California for over twenty (20) years, with large national law firm trial experience and several years of criminal defense experience. He specializes in alternative sentencing through the California courts. He is also a professional interventionist with years of experience in the addictions treatment industry, which often comes into play in advocating for client recovery and other alternatives to criminal punishment. The usual form of punishment for criminal defendants, and especially those with alcohol and drug-related charges, is often lengthy jail and even prison sentences.

Mr. Merrick works quickly for a client facing criminal charges and will partner with that client and often with his or her family as well, proactively analyzing all potential charges and preparing the best possible defense. He knows that these charges often can throw a client and family into fear and crisis, threatening your rights, freedom, reputation, your record, the ability to move forward in an otherwise promising academic and professional career. This is why every client’s goals, concerns and plan of action need to be discussed upfront, alongside the legal issues presented.  Read More.

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