I have the privilege of working alongside Jeffrey Merrick in the courtroom and in the many homes we visit as we bring people to change.  Jeffrey is the consummate compassionate professional ever-present to client needs, sensitive yet firm. An expert in alternative sentencing and other legal matters, he is equally adept at working with multi-problem families beset with mental health, substance abuse and other problems in living. As a teammate I always know I am supported in the difficult and invigorating work we do together.  In sum I am honored to work with Jeffrey and call him my colleague. He is one of the best in our field.

Dr. Louise Stanger Ed.D, LCSW, BRI II, CIP
Director, All About Interventions

I have worked with Jeff Merrick on a few matters and have always found him to be the ultimate professional interventionist.  His skills are made even more effective because of his compassion and commitment to his clients.  Jeff brings years of experience and expertise to the table, and is also a genuinely concerned, caring individual who miraculously always seems to be able to be there when needed.  His huge success appears effortless, but is clearly a result of extreme dedication and skills.

Edward C. Stark, Esq.
Attorney At Law / Professor of Law Cron, Israels & Stark Santa Monica, Califormia

I met and worked Jeff Merrick several years ago and immediately could see he had a great passion for his work.  His ability to connect with and guide families in tough times was impressive.  Jeff is armed with a very unique set of skills and continues to perfect merging them. His legal background with his family work and his intervention skills are what makes what he does so special.

Jeff’s work does not end when he drops off a client, actually it has just begun.  He follows-up on the client and when possible will show up to support and assist if a client needs it.  It’s a pleasure knowing Jeff personally as well as working with him professionally.

Manny Rodriguez
Director, La Fuente

I’ve been fortunate to have worked with Jeff on several occassions and usually the more difficult cases.  What makes Jeff so effective is his breadth of experience. As an interventionist and lawyer with years of his own personal recovery, Jeff is uniquely qualified to handle any and all aspects of the intervention process.  Jeff is very compassionate and works equally well with clients and their families.  With a very large network of substance abuse and mental health professionals Jeff is able to ensure that the best possible treatment is available.  I highly recommend you give Jeff a call.


Jerry Rude
Director, LAT's Intensive Ouptatient Programs Los Angeles, California

I have known Jeffrey Merrick for the past 6 years on a professional and personal level. I have partnered with him on multiple cases and he is always my first call when it comes to advocating for my clients with the courts. He navigates the legal system with deftness and ease, guiding the families with whom we have worked into long term solution. Whenever I think of Jeffrey, I think of a man who is caring, fair, ethical and does whatever he can to help the families he works with move past the problem and into the solution. There are few people that I will summarily recommend, but Jeffrey is one of them.

Sean Firtel, RAS, CIP
Interventionist, Continuum Care Intervention Services CEO & Founder, West Coast Recovery Centers Oceanside, California

Jeff Merrick provides a unique combination of expertise and skills to clients facing and professionals treating substance use and mental health disorders. Being a seasoned criminal defense attorney and alternative sentencing specialist allows Jeff to partner with the Courts, bridging clients out of the criminal justice system and into necessary treatment.  From extensive training and practice of intervention, Jeff understands and provides for the motivational and social needs of his clients and their families. Add to this Jeff’s personal and professional commitment to recovery and you will find a professional uniquely prepared to help clients and families facing the most difficult situations.

David Lisonbee
David Lisonbee CEO & President, Twin Town Treatment Centers Southern California

I know Jeff Merrick as a personal friend, and as an accomplished professional as a lawyer and interventionist.   I can state absolutely that Jeff offers his clients a unique and exceptional background of knowledge, integrity and professionalism.  Jeff is one of the few individuals that I have absolute confidence in, and I routinely refer to.    On a personal level, Jeff represents the qualities of great moral character and intellect demanded of a professional in the law, as well as in the addiction treatment community.  Jeff’s dedication to our profession, and his demeanor reflect well on him, and I believe brings great credit to the legal community and addiction treatment community.  I strongly recommend Jeff to all who need his help.

M. David (Mick) Meagher, Esq.
Atty at Law, CEO & Executive Director, Gooden Center

Jeffrey has repeatedly demonstrated a level of competence and professionalism that is rare in the Addiction Recovery industry. His legal expertise combined with his depth of knowledge of the dynamics of addiction, makes Jeffrey uniquely qualified to serve as an advocate for treatment as an alternative to incarceration when a clien’s case is being adjudicated. I have thoroughly enjoyed my relationship with Jeffrey and I look forward to our continued collaboration.

Rick Hubbard
Origins Recovery Centers

I have known Jeffrey Merrick for several years as a friend and colleague and we have collaborated with great success in helping a number of clients and families struggling with a wide range of substance and mental health issues.    He is a highly skilled attorney and interventionist, and brings to this work the spark of his own personal recovery and connection with the treatment and recovery communities.   He is a strong advocate for client care and alternative sentencing in particular, but also has the compassion and patience success in this field requires.   I recommend him highly to any client or family needing solutions and wanting a partner in meaningful and lasting change.

Athena Lennon, LMFT
Hollywood, California

The complex and critical manner in which successful interventions are expedited depends solely on the knowledge and experience of the interventionist.  The intervention is the suffering person’s first step of surrender into the recovery process.  Jeff Merrick is professional, compassionate, extremely knowledgeable, and most importantly, invested in the recovery process of the addict and the addict’s family.

Janine Fox C.A.T.C II, C.A.A.D.E
Program Director, Wildwood Recovery. Thousand Oaks, CA

Jeff Merrick is a long awaited hope in this industry.  He has both the intervention and professional legal experience to help clients navigate their darkest hours and emerge hopeful, with a plan for recovery.   I have worked with Jeff and would recommend him to anyone.

Jamie C. Vance
Addiction Professional

Jeffrey is a compassionate, skilled interventionist who combines great training with an uncanny ability to motivate complex cases towards change.   This ability coupled with his legal practice has been instrumental in helping clients of mine get access to the help they need.  It is the presence of someone as caring as Jeffrey who carries the appropriate leverage that can make the difference in the difficult Interventions.  I strongly endorse and recommend him.   He is as good as it gets!


John Morris
Reach Aftercare
Having strong and cohesive relationships with other professionals working in the addiction and mental health field are vital for the health of my clients. The ease in collaborating with Jeff is one reason we frequently call on him. His combination of legal skill and compassionate interventions can be difficult to find in one person. Additionally, Jeff’s dedicated follow through has proven valuable for the long-term needs this vulnerable population often require.
Carson Winn, LCSW
La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center

Over the past ten years I have worked on numerous client cases with Jeffrey Merrick. I can honestly say that I have never met a man that cares so much about the families and clients he represents. Jeffrey will go above and beyond to make sure his client’s needs are met. He is one of the most honest and ethical men I have ever had the pleasure of working with, he will never compromise his values and will never lead a person down the wrong path.


The combination of personal and professional experience give him with the utmost competence to fight addiction head on. Whether he is representing the family or the client, they will always have the best possible care.

Kim S. M.A.
I have been a recovery professional for several years and routinely recommend my friend and colleague Jeff Merrick to clients and families in crisis.   He is a committed, knowledgeable and seasoned attorney who consistently gets great results for his clients and motivates them to make better choices.   Where the client has substance abuse or mental health disorders, and so often these days clients are struggling with both, Jeff is a strong voice in the courtroom for client care and alternative sentencing.   Jeff is also one of the best interventionists in the field and an invaluable resource not just to families with treatment resistant loved ones, but to the treatment programs they go to.   He stays connected to the clients and families he works with, and understands that intervention, like recovery, is a process and a family affair.


Meg Higgin, C.A.D.A.C
Sovereign Health of California Southern California

Jeff Merrick is like no other Substance Abuse Professional that I have ever had the opportunity to work with – being that he is both an Intervention Specialist and Attorney at Law. This combination has proven extremely beneficial to many of our clients. Jeff has always provided incredibly insightful direction to my clients facing legal challenges. Jeff is one of those incredibly passionate and caring professionals that will help me and guide me with legal challenges even when he wasn’t going to take on the case himself. Those are ethics. That is true passion for helping others. With respects to being an Intervention Specialist, Jeff is extremely knowledgeable, trusted, respected and ethical. He is respected in his professionalism, and his follow through with families is impeccable. Jeff is an overall incredible professional who I would highly recommend to any family in need of his specific services.

Christopher Bennett, CADC-II, CIP, BRI-I
Chris Bennett Interventions San Diego, California

Jeffrey Merrick is one of the most capable interventionists and treatment facilitators I have come into contact with since I started working at the Prescott House 11 years ago. We specialize in complex dual diagnosis clients and most of our clients come from out of state. A lot of our clients are in need of an intervention process and many have legal issues as well as a result of their behaviors. I feel that Jeffrey is the Swiss-Army knife of interventionists because he can legitimately operate at so many levels. His standing as an attorney can prove to be quite useful in persuading the criminal justice system to consider treatment instead of incarceration. Jeffrey is very adept in the tricky intervention environment and is able to break through the sometimes elaborate walls of denial that those in need of treatment build around themselves. He is also able to help fractured families to begin the healing process. I would definitely recommend his services as a consultant, a legal advocate or an interventionist.

Dave Frey
Admissions Facilitator, Prescott House Prescott, Arizona

If one needs an attorney with the courts for alternative sentences, an interventionist for the family and a friend in your darkest hours be it for yourself or a loved one, Jeff Merrick is your person.   We became friends in my quest to get my son some help with his court cases and to overcome some serious resistance my son had to the treatment he needed.  Jeff is passionate in all he does, knows the 12 step program and was a total Godsend for myself and my son.   Having someone like Jeff in my corner in those hours was truly a blessing.

Randy H.
Ridgeview Ranch Treatment Center Altadena, California

Jeffrey Merrick is one of the rare attorneys who is not only professionally invested in his client’s cases, but also emotionally invested in his client’s lives. Jeffrey is the first person on my speed dial to collaborate with on cases where clients need diversion or alternative sentencing options. He is passionate and committed to client’s recovery and I’ve personally worked with Jeffrey in obtaining successful outcomes for clients in need of recovery resources, placement and intervention. He has always been a great resource for myself and my clients and I am pleased to call him a trusted colleague.

Nafise Nina Hodjat, Esq.
Managing Attorney, DUI Partners Beverly Hills, California

I have known Jeff Merrick for ten years and have worked with him in many capacities. Jeff has a gift for working with families and directing them towards the healthy change that is needed for them to grow. As a gifted attorney, Jeff has the ability to also intervene on complex legal cases that so many times are an added roadblock to recovery. He is an honest and ethical man who I would recommend to anybody struggling with an addicted loved one and the legal consequences of their behaviors.

Kathy Oyler, CIP, CAT
Divine Interventions Mission Viejo, California

Jeffrey Merrick was a great person to find in this industry. The combination of interventionist and attorney-at-law is ideal for many of our clients. I have worked closely with Mr. Merrick on both mental health and drug and alcohol abuse cases where his communication, his assistance to the family and my program was above and beyond. He resolved the case and allowed our patient to stay in treatment with minimal interruption. Working with Mr. Merrick is also a pleasure – he is funny, witty and truly cares about what he does.

Lindsey M. Means
Chief Operating Officer, A Mission for Michael, Inc. San Clemente, California

I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff Merrick for the past couple of years, and what impresses me most about Jeff is his level of compassion and understanding when handling complex cases. In addition, he laways works with the highest level of professionalism and integrity. I am honored to call him a personal friend and colleague.

Eric Johnston
Optimum Performance Institute Woodland Hills, California

I have been a colleague with Jefffrey Merrick in the field of Addiction Recovery for many years. We have had close communication in assisting many members of the community through his Professional Intervention services to get help and stay the course through treatment. I have had on many occasions some clients needing legal assistance which he has guided them through with care and precision. I would highly recommend the services of both intervention and legal assistance from Jeffrey. He is a devoted professional in our field.

Samantha Stone
Cornerstone of Southern California

Jeff Merrick was recommended to us by a friend who experienced working with Jeff for legal issues. After our daughter’s experience with the State and another attorney, it was a pleasure for us to speak with Jeff. He was totally honest with us and our daughter, as to what options were available, the legal issues, and how to proceed. He did not make empty promises, but was realistic in what could be and was expected – on both sides. He has heartfelt compassion for his clients and his work. It was good to work with someone who properly represented our daughter, kept us fully informed (with her permission), and made sure we understood each step in the legal process. His communication is outstanding. We always received a timely response to our calls or emails, if we had questions throughout the entire process. Jeff works well with the client, and also partners with the client’s family, as necessary to achieve the appropriate and best outcome available. It is my privilege to recommend Jeffrey Merrick to anyone needing assistance or direction for legal representation, drug intervention, rehabilitation, or support in the recovery process.

Joyce D.
Boise, Idaho

We have, thanks to the help of Dr. Louise Stanger and Jeffrey Merrick, and the “Onsite” program and many others, grown into a different set of parents. We have moved from being in the depths of despair and grief to hopeful and “trusting the process”. We treated our son as an adult man capable of living his own productive life instead of a wayward child. We are striving to no longer be codependent enablers. Such major steps!

Gary & Lisa G.
Kansas City, Kansas

“William” is 5 months sober today because of the time you took to answer my call in November last year. Thank you, thank you!

Robert L.,
West Hollywood, California

We know first hand how attuned Jeff is to his clients, possessing a great deal of empathy tempered with intellect, background and forward thinking. We have the highest praise for this man!

Sandi & John C.,
Roanoake, Virginia

About one year ago my son entered a rehab for drug and alcohol abuse and was doing quite well.  Unfortunately, he relapsed after being clean for nine months and had legal problems stemming from his relapse –  so I was referred to Jeffrey Merrick, Attorney and Interventionist.   Immediately during our initial conversation I was impressed by Mr Merrick’s calm mannerism yet “direct approach to the facts on hand” attitude. He was straightforward, explaining what to expect regarding the case, and at the same time he was positive, professional, and reassuring, always returning a phone call ASAP -how rare is this!  His knowledge of the law, in addition to his understanding compassion of the circumstances was such a comfort.  He is an articulate, confident and smart, as well as a unique individual, giving his time, skills, effort and guidance to my son and all the family with kindness.  Mr Merrick has helped initiate a “real” change in my son’s attitude, and has encouraged him through the ups and downs of his addiction. This is something you ordinarily do not find in an attorney –  just as I previously mentioned “a unique individual”.

Donna N.
Brooklyn, New York

Our son has struggled over the years from serious mental health and substance abuse disorders.  He was facing criminal charges and was in custody in Orange County recently for a theft that occurred during a complete mental breakdown.  Jeff Merrick came highly recommended to us as someone who would help not just with the legal issues but who was also knowledgeable about how the legal issues intersect with both addiction and mental disorders. Together we were able to bridge our son to much needed treatment, and the case was ultimately dismissed in exchange for the continuing care our son’s long-term recovery still very much depends on.  Jeff was able to maximize alternative sentencing options, promote ongoing treatment and build strategic partnerships with my son’s treatment team, the Court and the District Attorney.  We would not have been able to navigate both the out-of-state court system or the mental health system without his guidance and advocacy.  He is a committed and knowledgeable advocate for his client’s care, and understands the importance of family health and wellness to recovery.  We would recommend Jeff highly to anyone needing his assistance. 

Dana H.
Nashville, Tennessee

We just want to thank you for helping us during the most difficult and painful time of our lives.  You and Dr. Louise [Stanger] helped save our daughter’s life, and we will be forever grateful to both of you. We could have never done this alone.  The tools that we learned as a family continue to help us grow and heal as we navigate our way on this journey.  Thank you especially for your honesty and compassion. It brought great comfort as well as knowledge to us both.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

Brenda & Dave J
San Diego, California

I am the father of an adult addict who could not control his addiction.  My son died at the age of 25 from an overdose.  I want to let people in need know that Jeffrey Merrick is without a doubt the best source of quality information in regards to addictions.  He has helped my family during the insanity and after the death of my son. Jeff has also been a true friend for my three other children, allowing them to be able to gain their trust in him as they now often call on his kindness and understanding to help them through these hard times.  Jeff has been a beacon of light in the darkest times for me and was a champion for my son before his death.  He handled all legal matters that inherently become a reality as the disease of addiction progresses.   I would recommend Jeff to any friend or family member sooner rather than later.

Thomas P.
Fresno, California

We immediately saw Jeff Merrick’s passion for helping recovering addicts get their lives back on track.  He took the time to explain what we could expect every step of the way.  His knowledge, humor, and genuine concern for both of us and our daughter greatly helped us through a very difficult situation.  Jeff was able to work through several courts to get multiple charges and sentences cleared up for our daughter.  We were extremely happy with the outcome and highly recommend his services to anyone.

Jane and Rick P.
Newport Beach, California

When my sister and I realized that our brother was an addict we were devastated. We had no idea how to handle the situation. We were terrified. We got busy networking and by the grace of God we found Jeff.  He spent several hours with us evaluating my brother’s needs and helping us find the appropriate treatment program for him.  Jeff guided and coached us as a family into stronger boundaries,  and as a united team we had a successful intervention.   We were able to break through my brother’s denial and resistance, put real consequences into place, and offer him treatment as the only solution.   My brother agreed to enter treatment, came to understand we would only support him in recovery and he is still sober today.  I don’t know what we would have done without Jeff. He was there for all of us any time we needed him, and almost a year later, he still is.   I will always be grateful to Jeff for saving my brother’s life. 

Paula A.
Los Angeles, CA

Today is the eve of my second year of recovery.   I want to thank Jeff Merrick for the important role he played in a critical time in my early recovery.  He helped me put my recovery first, introduced me to the local recovery community and helped me prevail in an extended professional licensing board action and investigation that threatened to take away my ability to practice medicine.    He helped me build a positive record and plan of action, advocated for my continuing recovery and helped me continue the work I am meant to do.  He also helped me liaison and strategize with an impressive array of other professionals and experts to present a winning case.   I am grateful for his patient, loving and honest support and encouragement for me to grow and keep moving forward.   Anyone needing his expert assistance should know they can count on him and that he truly cares about their success not just as clients but as human beings.



Stewart L., MD
Hancock Park, CA

Without the help, caring, and love of Jeffrey Merrick, my son would not be alive today.  My son was on his final downward spiral in his horrible addiction.  My husband and I had tried everything known to man to help our son.  Nothing worked. No rehab, doctor or medication could get through to him.  Tragically, my husband was killed in a plane crash ten days after our son turned 20 years old.  My worst fears were realized as my son went totally over the edge.

Jeff was recommended to me and I called him immediately.  He took charge right away, was honest with me about what was going to happen and what I would need to do to help get my son to one last rehab.  Though both my son and I were struggling with our broken hearts, I had to be strong and turn my son over to Jeff and what he said to do.  It was so hard.  My son fought Jeff at every turn.  I had to hang the phone up on my son and tell him not to call me again unless he listened to Jeff.  I couldn’t have done what I did without Jeff guiding me everyday and helping me stay strong.  I had called Jeff to help my son, but he helped me as well, and just as much.

Jeff got him on a plane and flew with him to Florida.  He took him to a wonderful rehab that deals with grief as well as addiction.  We just celebrated his first year of being sober in five years.  I have spoken with Jeff several times and we have emailed and kept in touch over this last year.  Jeff is in it all the way with the families that he helps.  He has many resources and shares them with you.  I highly recommend Jeff to anyone who needs his services.  You couldn’t have a better friend in your corner and he will do anything in his power to help you and your loved one.


Mary C.
Raleigh, North Carolina

My brother-in-law was a struggling crack addict who was in denial about his situation and unwilling to seek treatment. He didn’t recognize the negative effects of his behavior on himself and others. Jeff Merrick, as an interventionist, presented a structured opportunity to make changes before things got even worse. Jeff’s resolve along with his knowledge and compassionate caring nature for both the team members and patient were outstanding.

Jeff plans out the process and keeps everyone informed as to their duties and responsibilities. He gathers information, builds an intervention team, and helps them to decide on specific consequences.

Communications between Jeff and team members is an integral part of the process. He manages the process and gets team members thinking along the same lines when it comes to consequences. He is always there to answer questions and explain what will happen next in the intervention process.

I’m happy to report my brother-in-law has been drug free for almost one year, and is working and contributing to society.  Without Jeff, the outcome would have been far different.

Steve A.
Marina Del Rey, California